BGST sponsors ALLEGRO conference

On October 1, 2015, Allegro hosted yet another, sixth in fact, edition of the Conference under the Cooperation in Rights Protection Program. The conference regularly gathers representatives of Polish and foreign brands and, traditionally, aims to procure cooperation in respect of measures ensuring the protection of intellectual property on the largest on-line trading platform in Poland – Allegro (cf. The sixth edition of the Conference was proudly sponsored by BGST law firm.

It is worth noting that Allegro was established in 1999, in the wake of a remarkable success made at that time by the American auction site eBay. Originally Polish-owned, Allegro soon caught the attention of foreign investors, and after a succession of acquisitions is currently part of the South African media giant, Naspers (;

Allegro is, as may be read on Wikipedia (further read at:; in Polish only), an online trading platform that facilitates sales transactions. Initially it gained popularity with private collectors, but gradually won over professional sellers as well.

Its business model envisages sales by way of auctioning, and also putting items up for sale at a predetermined price (the “Buy Now” option). You may also combine the two types of purchase option. At the moment, the vast majority (approximately 90%) of offers transmitted via Allegro is made with the Buy Now option.

Allegro charges a commission for enabling items (goods, services, rights) to be offered and sold; it does not verify parties to a transaction or transacted items in terms of their reliability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise, and basically consigns the proper verification process to users who may post publicly accessible comments.

At the more technical level, Allegro has, over the years, introduced a few significant modifications as regards its appearance and functionality, including the facilities to: establish stores as opposed to simple auctioning, purchase unregistered, and assort search results by their accuracy as a default option.

Its status of an unrivalled champion in the on-line trading business makes it all the more important for Allegro to be constantly abreast of the latest developments in the field of law. That is precisely why our partner, Mr. Szymon Gajda, took the floor at the Conference to dwell (a bit) on practical aspects of intellectual property protection on the Internet. His presentation concerned various relevant cases encountered by BGST lawyers in their everyday work ( Mr. Gajda brought into focus the topics of: sale of trademarked items without requisite license permits on sales platforms, sharing files containing the law protected content on hosting platforms, as well as other cases of IPR violations.