Intellectual property

Intellectual property law is the leading expertise of our firm. As part of our services we provide legal assistance in drafting contracts, during negotiations as well as litigation.

We also render comprehensive legal services, including the area of copyright law, for the clients who conduct their businesses online, in particular we deal with the protection of trademarks on the Internet as well as with the unfair competition cases involving online businesses.

As our clients are extremely focused on protection of their copyrights and trademark, we also handle matter involving copyrights and trademark infringements, including peer-to-peer protocols and auction portals infringements.


We provide comprehensive legal assistance to businesses in course of various investments. Our services include setting up companies, performing legal due diligence, legal services related to real estates acquisition and commercial management.

Online businesses

Our firm is capable of rendering current legal services to those entrepreneurs who run their businesses on the Internet only as well as for those who are just planning to start their business on the Internet.

As doing business on the Internet involves far greater competition, every marketing and promotion action should also be properly prepared in their legal aspects. Our firm assists the client in respect of legal aspects of doing business online, in particular providing online services to on B2B and B2C basis, personal data processing, online contracts formation as well as protection of copyrights on the Internet.

We can help you in meeting legal requirements of operating websites, in drafting general terms and conditions of your online services as well as in legal aspects of organizing online competitions and marketing campaigns.

Competition and consumers

Our staff has detailed knowledge and experience in the area of protecting businesses from unfair competition.

We handle various cases involving representation of businesses and individuals during litigations, during procedures before The Office for Protection of Competition and Consumers as well as in advising related to consumer and competition law.

Public procurement

Over many years our lawyers have been assisting clients operating in the area of public procurement – the ordering parties and the contractors as well. Consequently, our team gained comprehensive expertise required to render legal assistance at every stage of public procurement procedure, including areas such as drafting relevant documentation (pol. SIWZ), contract templates, cooperation agreements between contractors, provision of various forms of contract performance protection and representing clients before courts and authorities.